Musings from Bergamo

My last concert in Bergamo, Italy, took place on February 29 , 2012 at the Teatro Donizetti. What struck me was the fact that the performance featured an international line up of artists – namely a Russian conductor, a Bulgarian soprano and myself, an Italian composer. They performed my symphony Romeo & Juliet – Symphony in D Minor.

This concert was special as it was organized by the International Rotary club for a charity to help an orphanage raise the necessary funds to purchase a little bus to take the children on field trips. I like to think that in some small way my music somehow helped those children have a better life.

I’ll also never forget one particular scene that took place after online slots the concert. I saw the parents of a 12 year old boy standing near me. They hesitated for nearly half an hour, and finally came to ask me for an autograph for their son. They told me they wanted him to remember this concert so he could appreciate classical music, to learn to like it as he grows into an adult.

Exposing children to classical music at a young age is a wonderful gift parents can give. Not only does it begin to instil musical sensibility in a child, but it opens them up to a new world of possibility and appreciation for music. It may inspire them to desire learning how to play a musical instrument or expose them to concepts like rhythm, melody, harmony which at the very least can feed their souls and educate them to the basic fundamentals of music.

You can see photos from the concert by clicking here.

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