Report from Poland

I recently had the pleasure of travelling to Opole, Poland for a concert where my symphony Romeo & Juliet was  performed. Again we had an international list of performers, this time with a South Korean conductor, Israeli/American pianist, and vocalists and musicians of local Polish descent. I was given a very warm welcome and was even invited to give a local TV interview!

It is always casino spiele a strange experience for online casino me to attend a rehearsal of my music. To hear 51 musicians, 2 singers, and a conductor reproduce notes I”ve written while alone can be quiet overwhelming. They reproduce not only the music but also the feelings I had while composing. This is quiet different than hearing my music performed with an audience; during the rehearsal process I witness the rebirth of my music.

To compose symphony music is one of the most difficult forms of art, but also one of the greatest. A painting, a sculpture, a building – these are all observable objects. A book can be read one or two times then remains in our memory. Music, however, is timeless.

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