Symphony n° 6 in D Minor “The Divine Comedy”

Symphony n°7 in E Major

Conductor: Heinrich Unterhofer
Orchestra: Camerata Musicale Vicentina
Choir: Concentus Aponius

The Divine Comedy is without doubt the greatest masterpiece of literature of any time which carries us with sweetness in the splendid light of divine secrets. And it is in this context that the characters and situations described in The Divine Comedy, gave me deep emotions which I transmitted into my music.

The Symphony n° 6: “The Divine Comedy” consists of 7 movements.

1° Movement: Half Way Of One’s Life
The departure of Dante towards the unknown through forests as he listens to birds singing before entering the cave which leads him into the Inferno. “Half-way of one’s life I found myself being in a dark forest and having lost the right way.”
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2° Movement: The Souls Of Limbo Who Implore Dante
The souls of Limbo implore Dante to remember their own positions when he goes to Paradise because they have not known Christendom and so they have not received baptism and find themselves in a situation of uncertainty.
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3° Movement:Paolo And Francesca
One of the most famous in the Divine Comedy concerning the tragic love of Paola and Francesco. Their great love ends in tragedy as it was not allowed in those times and they were found out. The music tries to capture the scene as the two lovers gaze into each other’s eyes.
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4° Movement: Dante Leaves His Beloved Florence
Dante meets one of his friends who predicts that he will be driven out of Florence. I took poetic licence and imagined that Dante, with great sorrow and homesickness, leaves his beloved Florence.
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5° Movement: Dante meets Beatrice
Dante meets his sweet Beatrice and is so trilled that he faints upon seeing her. The music tries to express this encounter through a joyful tempo matching the circumstances.
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6° Movement: Virgin Mother
There is the Hymn to the Mother Virgin, one of the most beautiful verses in the Canti, sparking great emotions. At the end of the Canto Dante looks up to heaven and is dazzled by the light of God.
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7° Movement: We Came Out And Saw The Stars Again
He succeeds to see the divine secret. He faints and when he opens his eyes he sees the stars and here comes the famous sentence – “and we came out and saw again the stars” with which the symphony ends.
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