Symphony N°4 In C Minor “The Holocaust”

Symphony n°7 in E Major

Conductor: Heinrich Unterhofer
Orchestra: Cantelli
Choir: Constanzo Porta

I composed the Symphony n°4 “Holocaust” especially to appeal to young people to remember and sympathize with this dreadful tragedy of the last century.

All along history there have always been genocides but always in the same way: wars, revolutions, violent assuming of power, slaughter, but never a genocide of this magnitude of nearly 6 million people, thought out strategically and carried out with horrible technicality.

Some people full of hatred and racism fulfilled this outrageous tragedy. My symphony intends to partly summarize the story through music. It is made up of six movements.

1° Movement: The Search
The forced gathering of people in streets, houses, offices, schools. Everywhere.
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2° Movement: The Travel
According to some writers like Levi, the most terrible days and weeks were when people crowded like cattle in wagons, without food or water, realizing they were being taken to a place where it would be impossible to return from.
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3° Movement: The Imprisonment
The suffering of imprisonment in horrible conditions they had to survive for one day, for one week, and sometimes for years.
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4° Movement: The Holocaust
The sacrifice of life which I have no intention to dwell upon because it was so horrible.
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5° Movement: Dream of Spring
It is the dream of being able to get free to return to life. It is like the bursting of spring during the seasons. I felt this as the yearning of all people for freedom.
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6° Movement: The Liberation
A praise for freedom from those who survived. At last they are free and can enjoy the pleasure, the colours of life rediscovered. With martyred bodies and memories of horror, hoping that this barbarity will never repeat itself. Hand in hand, from star to star, marching and taking back ones’ life.
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