Symphony n°7 in E Major – “September 11th”

Symphony n°7 in E Major

Conductor: Heinrich Unterhofer
Orchestra: Musicale Vicentina
Choir: Concentus Aponius

The Symphony n°7 is in homage to the people of the United States of America, prompted by the tragic events that took place on September 11th. It was a day that changed the entire world, bringing with it a new time of uncertainty and fear – economically, socially and politically. By composing this symphony, my aim was to convey through music, my own feelings of desperation and sadness about this tragic event. However, I intentionally ended the symphony with a hopeful future for a better world.

1° Movement: Before
A more peaceful world before the tragic events of September 11th.
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2° Movement: Crash
The act of terrorism against the twin towers: the tremendous violence in New York and the USA.
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3° Movement: Desperation
The deep desperation of those who witnessed the acts of terror wandering among the ruins, looking at the horrible sight with an entanglement of feelings such as incredulity and suffering due to such barbarity.
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4° Movement: Pietas
Mourning the dead and a prayer to honour those who passed away.
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5° Movement: Remembering
All of the people who lost someone in the tragedy remember their loved ones.
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6° Movement: Anguish and Fear
The anguish and fear that strikes each day when we hear about new acts of terrorism.
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7° Movement: Hope
The hope of a future and a better world gives us the strength to recreate in us the spirit of peace between nations.
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